Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Campaign introduction

Wherein the party is introduced to Janiven.

Janiven meets in turn with each member of the party. She invites them to a meeting at Vizio’s tavern.

Once arrived at the meeting place, the group dines and gets to do some idle chat. After supper, Janiven invites the party to join a group of people working for the betterment of the city of Westcrown.

Before the meeting can come to an end, a group of Hell Knights arrives. Janiven flees with a child, Morosino, into the sewers while the party distracts the Hell Knights.

The next day the party venture forth into the sewers to find the secret safe house used by Janiven’s group.

During their first part of the trip in the sewers the party fights it’s first battle against a group of Torbles, also known as ooze bugs.


bleakcabal bleakcabal

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