Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Defeating the Bastards

Where the party defeats the Bastards of Erebus

The group led several fights and raids against members of the Bastards. The first one occured while they were scouting the church of Erastil that served as a hideout to the group. They were ambushed by members of the criminal gang which led to a difficult fight.

The second battle was a close call. Jegudiel was spotted by a look out which drew out many of the members (including the leaders) to an all out assault on the party. The representatives of the Westcrown alliance were successful and dispatched several key figures in the group.

After heading back to the abandoned shrine and receiving healing from Arael, the group planned an operation involving most of the Westcrown alliance’s members (including Arael and Janiven). They finally executed this operation and dispatched the Bastards. Sadly, their leader, Palaveen fled and wasn’t apprehended.

On the plus side, most of the Bastard were captured alive and delivered to the authorities. The Alliance then returned the items the Bastards had stolen to their former owner.

A night of celebration followed which will surely be remembered by the group for a long time.


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