Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Gamuk's impressions, part 2

Still more sewers

Well seems like these sewers never end, also it’s seems like their populated with hordes a pleasant creatures: bugs, goblins, skeletons, screaming mushrooms and guards. -kinda been expecting that one with the tight security- We’ve probably only scratched the surface of the death inducing fauna of this damned place. On a side note, we’ve discovered how much these squires guys are easily fooled, they are very prone to follow misdirection. The only good news is that we’ve actually found some more treasure; to my surprise the human guy didn’t raise a uproar regarding the stealing of hidden treasures, he better not have… Anyone hoarding money in secret places deserve to have it stolen, what the point of doing that anyway? -in sewers of all places-

The end of our smelly journey

After hours in that awful place, we’ve finally reach our destination. But the door is locked and beyond my skills. -starting to wonder if this Janiden gal really wanted us to join her organization or if she wanted us to die in a mucky place- But my attempt seem to have alerted the guard on the other side, hopefully my natural charm got us on the other side in no time at all. So we followed him and finally met the rest of the resistance…

The resistance

OK… so we’ve finally met the other members of the organization. Aside from the door guard and Janigen there is a bunch of humans, -one with weird golden eyes and one with green hairs, probably to show respect to the Gnome kind- a gnome woman and a halfling woman. Opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, the gnome then came to me, so I gave her some of this wine. She took it in one gulp, pretty amazing if you ask me, ,but somehow, she took offense when I complimented her on her ability to drink… -is there shame in being able to drink like a dwarf?- She then told me she had a tavern in town, but also had a side-business to get some more coins, -just like me!- we have some related work apparently, will probably me a good ground to have interesting conversations in the future. -She seems reluctant to admit it though even if it is to someone of the same profession- The green haired human also wanted to talk to me, about all the pride he gets in hunting for food and not owning money, coming up with the weirdest things like how money wasn’t worth anything and then launched himself in a theological debate with “Mr. I can’t have fun”.

After the celebrations, we had talks about the name of the organization. -humans seems to give a lot of importance to such things- The name ended up being Westcrown Alliance, a name like any other. -well we are indeed an alliance of people in Westcrown- Once that was decided the subject switched to the uniforms, I immediately objected, an uniform is a big giveaway whenever stealth is involve, so we decided on a simple visit card: Roses’ petals. -hope there won’t be too much wind when we take action- Finally, we came to the rescue mission planning. -finally we’ll do something instead of just talking- My friends and I are the main strike team, a fitting choice since the other members don’t look like they can hold a sword. -especially that green haired fellow- We’ll be leaving tomorrow…

The rescue

After some preparations, we’ve finally set the ambush up. Quite the plan with a distraction to draw some guards away while we open the prison carriage and escape with the guy inside. Sadly that plan rapidly took a sour turn, tougher luck than expected, more troop resistance, a powerful leader, a well-built carriage. We instead ended up stealing the carriage and running away with it. I wonder what happened to my friend “you can’t do this and that”, he missed the coach and wasn’t there when we passed near the bridge again to avoid the caltrops. 5no corpse so I guess he escaped- Well I’d go back, but at the moment we’re in no shape to fight the remaining squires, he’ll have to do on his own.

Mission successful

Well seems like most of us managed to survive -barely- and only the human mage is missing, but somehow I bet he made it. So after some time I finally axed though the door and freed the prisoner, only there is a problem, he doesn’t seem to know where the hideout is. Doesn’t really matter though, we’re in no shape to enter the town unnoticed with 2 people on the brink of death. So I’ll just go and get some help and at the same time, someone to identify this guy.

Return … home??

Went back alone to get some help, leaving Kyras alone with the others. The town guards didn’t seem too happy to let me in, blocking an entertainer from entering… -they really want to make the citizens as miserable as possible- So went to the hide-out, and found my “best friend” there, uninjured, but somewhat humid. Then return to Kyras et al to find out that guy we rescued really was the man we needed to rescue. We then returned “home” where it was decided the horses we stole would be sold for food, the thiefling went to do this. While part of the group left to return the horses we borrowed for the plan, we had a celebration. But somehow the mage never came back, unlike those who left with him to return the horses, and missed it all. -that guy really have a tendency to disappear-

After the celebration, we all spent the night in the hide-out, I took this opportunity to pull a second prank on the greenish lummox. This one was quite a success, the face he had when being confronted with disturbed look. Ah, it’ll be hard to top that one.


bleakcabal Delarius

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