Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Gamuk's impressions, part 1


Well, we’re finally here… Westcrown is as dirty as any big city, but somewhat darker in both atmosphere and looks… People seem on edge and probably won’t pay much for a show. Good thing I have other skills to keep my pouch filled -enough dumb minded people in any town for that-, unlike my unlucky friend… will probably have to share some of my gold for daily expenses.

As for the stories, will start investigating as soon as possible, gonna let Kyras talk to people around while I walk the town to spot all the important points -the normal modus operandi-, he works with people and I work with stuff. If any of the thing we heard is true, I don’t think it’ll take long before we actually get a lead.


Talk about being in the right place at the right time, we finally have a lead: we met this lady, Javiden was her name I believe…. or was it something else?? Doesn’t really matter to me at this point. What is important is that she told us there might be information for us if we agree to met her later in another inn. Well might has well leave now, after all, a inn is always a business opportunity for people of my profession.

Vizio’s tavern

We’ve arrived at the tavern, sadly it was closed. While we did get a meal out of it, we’ve lost an opportunity to make some coins. Oh well, I still have plenty of them to lodge me a couple of days.

We waited a bit and finally more people started showing up, Kyras tried to pull a password prank on them, the guy could really use some tips on the matter, I’ll have to teach him how it’s done.

Of the group are three other members, an uptight human, a dim-witted half-orc and a thiefling … don’t know what to make of that last one, our host vouched for him so I guess we’ll see what it’s worth… The half-orc seems like a good prank target, I’ll have to test that soon.

Our host told us about an organization which fight the current power in the city, this is splendid, an opportunity to join a side of the conflict will be great to learn about the conflict. And in joining one I’d much rather join the one that isn’t filled a bunch of demon -or is it devils?- worshiping evildoers. Not quite sure how the side I casually joined is though, I’ll have to see a real meeting before I truly engage myself.


A boy came in a hurry, he was followed by hellknights. -with a name like that it’s easy to turn off and sympathy people might have for your side- The host and the boy managed to escape, thanks to a believable act on our part. The hellknights -seriously, what’s up with that name- then interrogated each of us, not very thoroughly, guess we didn’t seem important enough, better that way if you ask me, unnecessary pain is not something I welcome.

Events at the inn

Well with the lady now gone, and no one to pay rent to, we stayed in the inn one night before entering the sewers. There were scratching sound outside, probably from the shadow beast. what a welcoming city! Set a first prank on the slow clumsy half-orc, did manage to get a few curses from him in the morning. -I’ll have to be more creative for the next one-

With no innkeeper I figured I’d grab myself some wine, I did however get a extra serving of whine from the uptight human, “stealing is bad, blah blah blah blah” why wouldn’t I take some of what would be lost otherwise. Guess he doesn’t agree with my side-job, does it affect me in any manners? Not really, he doesn’t have to know about all the stuff I do. The thiefling tried to talk about how it wasn’t bad to steal the wine in the current circumstances -guess he’s a good guy after all- and the whole thing ended up in a philosophical debate. The big races are odd, why talk about right and wrong of wine when you can simply drink it.


We entered the sewers, not much to talk about except maybe the oddly excessive security. The human is on my case again -about some potions we found-, though this time he does strikes a valid point. Other than that it was nauseating odors, nasty water and critters. -very large ones- Can’t wait to get there, hope the meeting place is in a cleaner area…


bleakcabal Delarius

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