Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

First Session

Where the party attemps a daring rescue and visits the Opera

The party traveled through the sewers until they came to the hideout of the resistance movement. There they came upon Ermolos who was guarding the door.

After he let them in, they met up with the rest of the Westcrown Alliance inside an abandoned shrine to Aroden. This abandoned shrine serves as the group base of operation.

Once in there they discussed several things, before planning an ambush to rescue Arael. The ambush was successful and the group succeeding in freeing Arael from the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack.

After this daring rescue the group returned to Westcrown. Once there, some of them went to return the horses they had borrowed from Jacovo, Gorvio’s uncle. At his establishment they met with Thesing Umbero Ulvaud, a rising star of the cities opera houses.

The group received some tickets for the actors performance. After the Opera the actor blamed the group from some problems that happened during the night’s performance.


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