Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Meeting the bastards

The PCs meet with the Bastards of Erebus

The party heard of a mysterious woman who was offering a bounty on killing shadow beasts. Using a carefully laid ambush the group felled two of the beasts and then claimed a bounty of 200gp.

A few days later, Janiven and Arael met with the group to discuss a troubling gang of brigands, the Bastards of Erebus.

It was decided that the Westcrown Alliance would try and defeat this band of thugs. To do so, the group tried to get to attention of the Bastards to trap some of it’s members an in ambush.

The party pretended to be a rival gang encroaching on the Bastards’s territory. When the thugs tried to retaliate, they were defeated by the Westcrown Alliance.

After this success the party decided to scout out the lair of the Bastards. Sadly, they were spotted by a guard dog…


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