Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Kyras' log - Part 2 - Meeting the natives

Still more sewers

I think I’ve been too much of an optimist. The safe house was still ways off. Now I know that they don’t only lock the entrances to the sewers to keep people out, but to keep the monsters in. While none of the creatures we encountered where truly menacing, I was afraid that they would defeat us through exhaustion. Fortunately, we made our way to the safe house.

Meeting the others

After our trip through the sewers, this places seems like heaven. The safe house was built in a seemingly abandoned church. It is actually quite well hidden. This place will be an excellent refuge so that we do not have to have to scrounge up money every day to stay at the inn.

We also got a chance to meet thew others members of the team. I’m actually impressed; I though they would be fewer. Their resolve is also quite impressive. If only their skills were a match… I believe many have probably bitten more than they could chew; and if it comes to the worst, I will not be able to save myself and them… Gamuk will be quite a handful already.

The Westcrown Alliance

After the introductions came the time to chose a name for ourselves. I have have suggested the “Westcrown Alliance”. The name is more inclusive than other suggestions. It also prevents us from being stuck to a particular course of action or way of proceeding. While it was not a complete success, the name was eventually chosen. Our symbol will be the Wescrani Rose; quite fitting and elegant.

Our first mission

We were now ready to face our first mission: saving the recently captured leader of our group: Arael. The plan was simple: part of the group will divert the attention of the caravan which was transporting him so that the others could free him.

Unfortunately the Hell Knight proved to be relentless foes. We were obligated to simply steal the wagon from them during the fight and free Arael somewhere else. While not quite elegant, it did work.

For a while we were afraid that we had freed an impostor, but our hunch happily proved to be wrong. Our first mission was a success and this bode well for our future.

A night at the opera

Well the misadventures were not completely over for me. We still had to return the horse we had borrowed. So I accompanied Gorvio in order to help him with this task. It seems the horses were promised to a local celebrity for his new show. Fortunately, he had more ego than sense; it was quite easy to placate him. He even gave us some tickets to see his show. While the show was mildly entertaining, it seems the horses were not quite up to the task. Of course, the boundlessly talented star of the show blamed us for this. While he may, in fact, be right. His behavior was quite unbecoming of an actor of his caliber. I’m afraid his sense of self-importance may overshadow his talent.

And thus our first true adventures ends. What does the Westcrown Alliance have aligned in their future?


bleakcabal bleakcabal

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