Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Rats and a play

Where the party rescue a member of the Alliance from a band of brigand and get casted for a play

A member of the Westcrown Alliance, Larko, was declared missing. The part investigated this disapearance, which led them to a band of halfling thieves living in the woods.

The group, known as The Rats, were led by an infected wererat. The party defeated most of the brigands using sleep spell, intimidation and a little fighting.

Aftwards, it was found out the Larko was infected himself with lycanthropy. He decided to flee deep into the woods. They party mentioned they would try to get back to him with a cure in the future.

Afterwards, Janiven met with the party. She had a guest with her. A member of the Pathfinder society. These two had a plan to get back into Delvehaven the former Pathfinder lodge in the city. To do so, the party first needs to recover some device from the mayor’s vault.

It turns out that the mayor is a theater fanatic and his favorite play is in the process of being casted. The heroes joined the play and started rehearsals for their big performance.


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