Gnomish mischiever (Rogue) lvl 1

Annoyance to any lawful, brutish or dumb adventurer.

Fights in melee with rapier and short-sword.

Physical description

Bluish skin with violet hair and large green eyes. He keeps his hairs in total disorder. Wears what seems normal travelers clothing, but have in fact colorful fabric strips hidden in folded area to reveal his performance suit. He has 4 throwing knifes attached to his sleeves and one on the back of his belt. To his hips a small rapier and a small sword marking him as a traveling entertainer.


Gamuk is a naive guy who is also very quick to judge people and events, the problem is that once his idea about you is set, it’s very hard to make him change it. He’s also a very eager fellow, valuing action above talk and always ready to do something to get out of any kind of debate. While he might be careful once he’s on the field, he’d rather not spent too much time planning in advance, considering his senses much more reliable than gathered information or even his own memory.

The things he enjoy the most are entertainment, celebration and a good prank. Considering himself like a master prankster, he has very standards on what a good prank is. His favorite target are the big guys who he loves to embarrass as much as possible to take them down a notch or two. He never tries to take credit on the pranks though, his fun reside in the embarrassment caused to his target and in the trill of doing them rather than in the fame it might give him.


At an early age (by gnomes’ standards) Gamuk decided to train in as many many disciplines as possible. This was in a attempt to be as self-sufficient as possible and avoid bounds that might put his liberty in jeopardy. Training is the arts of craftsmanship, learning how to “earn money” and to avoid people who would prevent him from doing so. With said constraints in place more often than not, the gnome had to train himself in a more accepted profession which would still be compatible with his desire to travel: public entertainment.

With his travels, Gamuk heard a number of disturbing rumors, which picked his curiosity. Deciding it be quite the quest to shed light on these stories, he then decided to follow the trails. It is then that he met Kyras which had similar interest in secrets. Since both were also traveling entertainers, they decided to hunt together and soon became friends.


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