A silver tongued half-elf bard in search of conspiracies, mysteries... and trouble.


1st level Half-Elven Bard

Armed with a rapier, throwing knives and a sharp wit.

From the outside, Kyras doesn’t look any different from your average traveling minstrel. A charming man; young by half-elven standards; his charismatic demeanor allows him to win over even the most dour crowds.

But looks can be deceiving… this bard has numerous skills which have kept him alive until now. He has bluffed, fooled, convinced and cut in order to pull himself out of many bad situations before.


The son of a small village leather worker and a passing elven priestess. He was left with his father soon after birth while his mother continued on her religious pilgrimage.

As a young boy, Kyras was a troublemaker. He would often convince the other children of the village to accompany him in his adventures… and most of them would end badly. A natural sense of curiosity and wanderlust compelled him to leave his home at a young age… to the relief of the village elders.

In order to support himself, Kyras learned a number of entertainment skills from various traveling minstrels and magicians until he could himself claim the title of bard for himself. A mutual interest in public entertainment and secrets led to a lasting friendship with the gnomish rogue Gamuk.

Having battled, sneaked, fast-talked and been chased through much of the countryside, the pair have arrived at the town of Westcrown in the Cheliax region. Something is very wrong about this place and Kyras intends to find out why… even if it lands him in even more trouble.


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