Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Kyras' log - Part 1 - The first lead

Down to my last gold… Unfortunately, Westcrown is not the cheery kind of place where a nice little ballad can nab you a handful of silvers. So it’s been a struggle to find a nice bed for the night.

I’ve heard stories of monsters roaming the streets at night and considering how seriously everyone believes this, I’d rather not take my chances. It seems many houses are abandoned. That’s probably why there are still beggars, despite them being handy midnight snacks for the mysterious monsters. We can probably sleep in a house if desperate, but I’d rather stay in a warm inn.

Finally a lead

Luckily, a chance meeting with a dame named Janiven provided us with the first lead we needed in order to understand whatever is happening here. We are to join her and a number of “like minded individuals” at Vizio’s tavern.

Vizio’s tavern

Every minstrel knows that there is no better food than free food. And the food served by our host was very fine indeed.

I have had the chance to speak with Janiven and her other recruits. Things around here are worse than they appear… Perhaps there is good to be done, but I wouldn’t bet on Janiven’s group to manage to make any kind of change though. Although, I cannot blame them for having their heart in the right place. Not that it matters, I fully intend to go to the bottom of this matter. For me, any knowledge we gleam from this situation is more valuable than any act we may accomplish.

The adventurers Janiven has managed to find fit squarely in mold of your typical do-good-er: there’s preachy, beefy and… preachy-and-beefy. While I may jest about their predispositions, they are exactly the kind of people Janiven’s group needs.

Which reminds me: While I may trust their sword arm, their ability to find a good name for the new group is less than stellar. I’ll have to speak directly to the higher-ups before they ask their advice on this matter again…

The Hell Knights

Our dinner was interrupted by a boy who announced that a man named Arael has been captured by the powers that be. If I understand correctly, this Arael fellow is the leader of the budding conspiracy.

The boy and Janiven have fled through a hidden trap door which leads to the sewers. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time before a group if Westcrown’s finest came bursting through the door. I pretended to be the owner of the place, while the others were clients. I think they believed my story. But even I know I shouldn’t have blind faith in my talkative skills; we will have to join Janiven soon.

The sewers

We passed the night in the tavern before trying to follow Janiven to the safe house she was headed too. I have had the chance to see the mysterious night monsters with my own eyes. They are indeed not to be underestimated. Considering how a simple door or barred window can stop them, I fully believe Janiven’s suspicions that the monsters exist only to terrorize the populace.

Now, returning to our escape; While I would have preferred that we didn’t use the trap door in the tavern, we did not have much choice: the sewer grates are tightly secured. It seems that those in charge are quite paranoid.

Before leaving we took a few supplies, which did not quite agree with the morals of one of the more uptight members. Luckily I managed to change the subject before two of our crusaders started trading philosophical blows. Gamuk better give me one of the wine bottles he swiped for this.

Apart from the tight security, the sewers resemble those of any major city: they form a twisting labyrinth, they stink and they are full of aggravating monsters. While the ooze bugs we faced were easily dispatched, I noticed that my fellow adventurers were rather… eager… It may be in my best interest in the future to not stand between them and any band of rampaging monsters.

Now that the path is clear, we should be approaching the safe house. That is where the real adventure will start…

Campaign introduction
Wherein the party is introduced to Janiven.

Janiven meets in turn with each member of the party. She invites them to a meeting at Vizio’s tavern.

Once arrived at the meeting place, the group dines and gets to do some idle chat. After supper, Janiven invites the party to join a group of people working for the betterment of the city of Westcrown.

Before the meeting can come to an end, a group of Hell Knights arrives. Janiven flees with a child, Morosino, into the sewers while the party distracts the Hell Knights.

The next day the party venture forth into the sewers to find the secret safe house used by Janiven’s group.

During their first part of the trip in the sewers the party fights it’s first battle against a group of Torbles, also known as ooze bugs.


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