Council of Thieves - Adventure Path

Campaign introduction
Wherein the party is introduced to Janiven.

Janiven meets in turn with each member of the party. She invites them to a meeting at Vizio’s tavern.

Once arrived at the meeting place, the group dines and gets to do some idle chat. After supper, Janiven invites the party to join a group of people working for the betterment of the city of Westcrown.

Before the meeting can come to an end, a group of Hell Knights arrives. Janiven flees with a child, Morosino, into the sewers while the party distracts the Hell Knights.

The next day the party venture forth into the sewers to find the secret safe house used by Janiven’s group.

During their first part of the trip in the sewers the party fights it’s first battle against a group of Torbles, also known as ooze bugs.

Kyras' log - Part 1 - The first lead

Down to my last gold… Unfortunately, Westcrown is not the cheery kind of place where a nice little ballad can nab you a handful of silvers. So it’s been a struggle to find a nice bed for the night.

I’ve heard stories of monsters roaming the streets at night and considering how seriously everyone believes this, I’d rather not take my chances. It seems many houses are abandoned. That’s probably why there are still beggars, despite them being handy midnight snacks for the mysterious monsters. We can probably sleep in a house if desperate, but I’d rather stay in a warm inn.

Finally a lead

Luckily, a chance meeting with a dame named Janiven provided us with the first lead we needed in order to understand whatever is happening here. We are to join her and a number of “like minded individuals” at Vizio’s tavern.

Vizio’s tavern

Every minstrel knows that there is no better food than free food. And the food served by our host was very fine indeed.

I have had the chance to speak with Janiven and her other recruits. Things around here are worse than they appear… Perhaps there is good to be done, but I wouldn’t bet on Janiven’s group to manage to make any kind of change though. Although, I cannot blame them for having their heart in the right place. Not that it matters, I fully intend to go to the bottom of this matter. For me, any knowledge we gleam from this situation is more valuable than any act we may accomplish.

The adventurers Janiven has managed to find fit squarely in mold of your typical do-good-er: there’s preachy, beefy and… preachy-and-beefy. While I may jest about their predispositions, they are exactly the kind of people Janiven’s group needs.

Which reminds me: While I may trust their sword arm, their ability to find a good name for the new group is less than stellar. I’ll have to speak directly to the higher-ups before they ask their advice on this matter again…

The Hell Knights

Our dinner was interrupted by a boy who announced that a man named Arael has been captured by the powers that be. If I understand correctly, this Arael fellow is the leader of the budding conspiracy.

The boy and Janiven have fled through a hidden trap door which leads to the sewers. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time before a group if Westcrown’s finest came bursting through the door. I pretended to be the owner of the place, while the others were clients. I think they believed my story. But even I know I shouldn’t have blind faith in my talkative skills; we will have to join Janiven soon.

The sewers

We passed the night in the tavern before trying to follow Janiven to the safe house she was headed too. I have had the chance to see the mysterious night monsters with my own eyes. They are indeed not to be underestimated. Considering how a simple door or barred window can stop them, I fully believe Janiven’s suspicions that the monsters exist only to terrorize the populace.

Now, returning to our escape; While I would have preferred that we didn’t use the trap door in the tavern, we did not have much choice: the sewer grates are tightly secured. It seems that those in charge are quite paranoid.

Before leaving we took a few supplies, which did not quite agree with the morals of one of the more uptight members. Luckily I managed to change the subject before two of our crusaders started trading philosophical blows. Gamuk better give me one of the wine bottles he swiped for this.

Apart from the tight security, the sewers resemble those of any major city: they form a twisting labyrinth, they stink and they are full of aggravating monsters. While the ooze bugs we faced were easily dispatched, I noticed that my fellow adventurers were rather… eager… It may be in my best interest in the future to not stand between them and any band of rampaging monsters.

Now that the path is clear, we should be approaching the safe house. That is where the real adventure will start…

Gamuk's impressions, part 1

Well, we’re finally here… Westcrown is as dirty as any big city, but somewhat darker in both atmosphere and looks… People seem on edge and probably won’t pay much for a show. Good thing I have other skills to keep my pouch filled -enough dumb minded people in any town for that-, unlike my unlucky friend… will probably have to share some of my gold for daily expenses.

As for the stories, will start investigating as soon as possible, gonna let Kyras talk to people around while I walk the town to spot all the important points -the normal modus operandi-, he works with people and I work with stuff. If any of the thing we heard is true, I don’t think it’ll take long before we actually get a lead.


Talk about being in the right place at the right time, we finally have a lead: we met this lady, Javiden was her name I believe…. or was it something else?? Doesn’t really matter to me at this point. What is important is that she told us there might be information for us if we agree to met her later in another inn. Well might has well leave now, after all, a inn is always a business opportunity for people of my profession.

Vizio’s tavern

We’ve arrived at the tavern, sadly it was closed. While we did get a meal out of it, we’ve lost an opportunity to make some coins. Oh well, I still have plenty of them to lodge me a couple of days.

We waited a bit and finally more people started showing up, Kyras tried to pull a password prank on them, the guy could really use some tips on the matter, I’ll have to teach him how it’s done.

Of the group are three other members, an uptight human, a dim-witted half-orc and a thiefling … don’t know what to make of that last one, our host vouched for him so I guess we’ll see what it’s worth… The half-orc seems like a good prank target, I’ll have to test that soon.

Our host told us about an organization which fight the current power in the city, this is splendid, an opportunity to join a side of the conflict will be great to learn about the conflict. And in joining one I’d much rather join the one that isn’t filled a bunch of demon -or is it devils?- worshiping evildoers. Not quite sure how the side I casually joined is though, I’ll have to see a real meeting before I truly engage myself.


A boy came in a hurry, he was followed by hellknights. -with a name like that it’s easy to turn off and sympathy people might have for your side- The host and the boy managed to escape, thanks to a believable act on our part. The hellknights -seriously, what’s up with that name- then interrogated each of us, not very thoroughly, guess we didn’t seem important enough, better that way if you ask me, unnecessary pain is not something I welcome.

Events at the inn

Well with the lady now gone, and no one to pay rent to, we stayed in the inn one night before entering the sewers. There were scratching sound outside, probably from the shadow beast. what a welcoming city! Set a first prank on the slow clumsy half-orc, did manage to get a few curses from him in the morning. -I’ll have to be more creative for the next one-

With no innkeeper I figured I’d grab myself some wine, I did however get a extra serving of whine from the uptight human, “stealing is bad, blah blah blah blah” why wouldn’t I take some of what would be lost otherwise. Guess he doesn’t agree with my side-job, does it affect me in any manners? Not really, he doesn’t have to know about all the stuff I do. The thiefling tried to talk about how it wasn’t bad to steal the wine in the current circumstances -guess he’s a good guy after all- and the whole thing ended up in a philosophical debate. The big races are odd, why talk about right and wrong of wine when you can simply drink it.


We entered the sewers, not much to talk about except maybe the oddly excessive security. The human is on my case again -about some potions we found-, though this time he does strikes a valid point. Other than that it was nauseating odors, nasty water and critters. -very large ones- Can’t wait to get there, hope the meeting place is in a cleaner area…

Gamuk's impressions, part 2
Still more sewers

Well seems like these sewers never end, also it’s seems like their populated with hordes a pleasant creatures: bugs, goblins, skeletons, screaming mushrooms and guards. -kinda been expecting that one with the tight security- We’ve probably only scratched the surface of the death inducing fauna of this damned place. On a side note, we’ve discovered how much these squires guys are easily fooled, they are very prone to follow misdirection. The only good news is that we’ve actually found some more treasure; to my surprise the human guy didn’t raise a uproar regarding the stealing of hidden treasures, he better not have… Anyone hoarding money in secret places deserve to have it stolen, what the point of doing that anyway? -in sewers of all places-

The end of our smelly journey

After hours in that awful place, we’ve finally reach our destination. But the door is locked and beyond my skills. -starting to wonder if this Janiden gal really wanted us to join her organization or if she wanted us to die in a mucky place- But my attempt seem to have alerted the guard on the other side, hopefully my natural charm got us on the other side in no time at all. So we followed him and finally met the rest of the resistance…

The resistance

OK… so we’ve finally met the other members of the organization. Aside from the door guard and Janigen there is a bunch of humans, -one with weird golden eyes and one with green hairs, probably to show respect to the Gnome kind- a gnome woman and a halfling woman. Opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, the gnome then came to me, so I gave her some of this wine. She took it in one gulp, pretty amazing if you ask me, ,but somehow, she took offense when I complimented her on her ability to drink… -is there shame in being able to drink like a dwarf?- She then told me she had a tavern in town, but also had a side-business to get some more coins, -just like me!- we have some related work apparently, will probably me a good ground to have interesting conversations in the future. -She seems reluctant to admit it though even if it is to someone of the same profession- The green haired human also wanted to talk to me, about all the pride he gets in hunting for food and not owning money, coming up with the weirdest things like how money wasn’t worth anything and then launched himself in a theological debate with “Mr. I can’t have fun”.

After the celebrations, we had talks about the name of the organization. -humans seems to give a lot of importance to such things- The name ended up being Westcrown Alliance, a name like any other. -well we are indeed an alliance of people in Westcrown- Once that was decided the subject switched to the uniforms, I immediately objected, an uniform is a big giveaway whenever stealth is involve, so we decided on a simple visit card: Roses’ petals. -hope there won’t be too much wind when we take action- Finally, we came to the rescue mission planning. -finally we’ll do something instead of just talking- My friends and I are the main strike team, a fitting choice since the other members don’t look like they can hold a sword. -especially that green haired fellow- We’ll be leaving tomorrow…

The rescue

After some preparations, we’ve finally set the ambush up. Quite the plan with a distraction to draw some guards away while we open the prison carriage and escape with the guy inside. Sadly that plan rapidly took a sour turn, tougher luck than expected, more troop resistance, a powerful leader, a well-built carriage. We instead ended up stealing the carriage and running away with it. I wonder what happened to my friend “you can’t do this and that”, he missed the coach and wasn’t there when we passed near the bridge again to avoid the caltrops. 5no corpse so I guess he escaped- Well I’d go back, but at the moment we’re in no shape to fight the remaining squires, he’ll have to do on his own.

Mission successful

Well seems like most of us managed to survive -barely- and only the human mage is missing, but somehow I bet he made it. So after some time I finally axed though the door and freed the prisoner, only there is a problem, he doesn’t seem to know where the hideout is. Doesn’t really matter though, we’re in no shape to enter the town unnoticed with 2 people on the brink of death. So I’ll just go and get some help and at the same time, someone to identify this guy.

Return … home??

Went back alone to get some help, leaving Kyras alone with the others. The town guards didn’t seem too happy to let me in, blocking an entertainer from entering… -they really want to make the citizens as miserable as possible- So went to the hide-out, and found my “best friend” there, uninjured, but somewhat humid. Then return to Kyras et al to find out that guy we rescued really was the man we needed to rescue. We then returned “home” where it was decided the horses we stole would be sold for food, the thiefling went to do this. While part of the group left to return the horses we borrowed for the plan, we had a celebration. But somehow the mage never came back, unlike those who left with him to return the horses, and missed it all. -that guy really have a tendency to disappear-

After the celebration, we all spent the night in the hide-out, I took this opportunity to pull a second prank on the greenish lummox. This one was quite a success, the face he had when being confronted with disturbed look. Ah, it’ll be hard to top that one.

First Session
Where the party attemps a daring rescue and visits the Opera

The party traveled through the sewers until they came to the hideout of the resistance movement. There they came upon Ermolos who was guarding the door.

After he let them in, they met up with the rest of the Westcrown Alliance inside an abandoned shrine to Aroden. This abandoned shrine serves as the group base of operation.

Once in there they discussed several things, before planning an ambush to rescue Arael. The ambush was successful and the group succeeding in freeing Arael from the Hellknights of the Order of the Rack.

After this daring rescue the group returned to Westcrown. Once there, some of them went to return the horses they had borrowed from Jacovo, Gorvio’s uncle. At his establishment they met with Thesing Umbero Ulvaud, a rising star of the cities opera houses.

The group received some tickets for the actors performance. After the Opera the actor blamed the group from some problems that happened during the night’s performance.

Regrets of a coward

My Lord, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. Today I acted cowardly toward my new friends. I left them in the middle of the battle field. With your grace they managed to completed the mission and with no casualties. I am sure that even if they are demon worshipers, you did helped them. It was your way of helping us complete our task. Next time I will face danger in the eyes, I won’t run away, I won’t cry. Again I would like to thank you for the spell you are granting me everyday.

May the day of your liberation come quickly

Kyras' log - Part 2 - Meeting the natives
Still more sewers

I think I’ve been too much of an optimist. The safe house was still ways off. Now I know that they don’t only lock the entrances to the sewers to keep people out, but to keep the monsters in. While none of the creatures we encountered where truly menacing, I was afraid that they would defeat us through exhaustion. Fortunately, we made our way to the safe house.

Meeting the others

After our trip through the sewers, this places seems like heaven. The safe house was built in a seemingly abandoned church. It is actually quite well hidden. This place will be an excellent refuge so that we do not have to have to scrounge up money every day to stay at the inn.

We also got a chance to meet thew others members of the team. I’m actually impressed; I though they would be fewer. Their resolve is also quite impressive. If only their skills were a match… I believe many have probably bitten more than they could chew; and if it comes to the worst, I will not be able to save myself and them… Gamuk will be quite a handful already.

The Westcrown Alliance

After the introductions came the time to chose a name for ourselves. I have have suggested the “Westcrown Alliance”. The name is more inclusive than other suggestions. It also prevents us from being stuck to a particular course of action or way of proceeding. While it was not a complete success, the name was eventually chosen. Our symbol will be the Wescrani Rose; quite fitting and elegant.

Our first mission

We were now ready to face our first mission: saving the recently captured leader of our group: Arael. The plan was simple: part of the group will divert the attention of the caravan which was transporting him so that the others could free him.

Unfortunately the Hell Knight proved to be relentless foes. We were obligated to simply steal the wagon from them during the fight and free Arael somewhere else. While not quite elegant, it did work.

For a while we were afraid that we had freed an impostor, but our hunch happily proved to be wrong. Our first mission was a success and this bode well for our future.

A night at the opera

Well the misadventures were not completely over for me. We still had to return the horse we had borrowed. So I accompanied Gorvio in order to help him with this task. It seems the horses were promised to a local celebrity for his new show. Fortunately, he had more ego than sense; it was quite easy to placate him. He even gave us some tickets to see his show. While the show was mildly entertaining, it seems the horses were not quite up to the task. Of course, the boundlessly talented star of the show blamed us for this. While he may, in fact, be right. His behavior was quite unbecoming of an actor of his caliber. I’m afraid his sense of self-importance may overshadow his talent.

And thus our first true adventures ends. What does the Westcrown Alliance have aligned in their future?

Meeting the bastards
The PCs meet with the Bastards of Erebus

The party heard of a mysterious woman who was offering a bounty on killing shadow beasts. Using a carefully laid ambush the group felled two of the beasts and then claimed a bounty of 200gp.

A few days later, Janiven and Arael met with the group to discuss a troubling gang of brigands, the Bastards of Erebus.

It was decided that the Westcrown Alliance would try and defeat this band of thugs. To do so, the group tried to get to attention of the Bastards to trap some of it’s members an in ambush.

The party pretended to be a rival gang encroaching on the Bastards’s territory. When the thugs tried to retaliate, they were defeated by the Westcrown Alliance.

After this success the party decided to scout out the lair of the Bastards. Sadly, they were spotted by a guard dog…

Defeating the Bastards
Where the party defeats the Bastards of Erebus

The group led several fights and raids against members of the Bastards. The first one occured while they were scouting the church of Erastil that served as a hideout to the group. They were ambushed by members of the criminal gang which led to a difficult fight.

The second battle was a close call. Jegudiel was spotted by a look out which drew out many of the members (including the leaders) to an all out assault on the party. The representatives of the Westcrown alliance were successful and dispatched several key figures in the group.

After heading back to the abandoned shrine and receiving healing from Arael, the group planned an operation involving most of the Westcrown alliance’s members (including Arael and Janiven). They finally executed this operation and dispatched the Bastards. Sadly, their leader, Palaveen fled and wasn’t apprehended.

On the plus side, most of the Bastard were captured alive and delivered to the authorities. The Alliance then returned the items the Bastards had stolen to their former owner.

A night of celebration followed which will surely be remembered by the group for a long time.

Rats and a play
Where the party rescue a member of the Alliance from a band of brigand and get casted for a play

A member of the Westcrown Alliance, Larko, was declared missing. The part investigated this disapearance, which led them to a band of halfling thieves living in the woods.

The group, known as The Rats, were led by an infected wererat. The party defeated most of the brigands using sleep spell, intimidation and a little fighting.

Aftwards, it was found out the Larko was infected himself with lycanthropy. He decided to flee deep into the woods. They party mentioned they would try to get back to him with a cure in the future.

Afterwards, Janiven met with the party. She had a guest with her. A member of the Pathfinder society. These two had a plan to get back into Delvehaven the former Pathfinder lodge in the city. To do so, the party first needs to recover some device from the mayor’s vault.

It turns out that the mayor is a theater fanatic and his favorite play is in the process of being casted. The heroes joined the play and started rehearsals for their big performance.


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