Tag: Ally


  • Janiven

    Janiven is one of the most capable members of the Westcrown Alliance along with Arael. She has experience working as a caravan guard, tracker and bodyguard. She is currently in a relationship with Arael.

  • Morosino

    The party first encountered Morosino in Vizio's tavern where they were meeting Janiven. The boy came in through the door to announce the capture of


    Arael is the leader of the Westcrown Alliance, a group he founded to help better the lives of the city's inhabitants. He was captured by the Order of the Rack and accused of rebellion. During his transport to Citadel Rivad he was rescued by the party.

  • Ermolos

    Ermolos is a blacksmith's apprentice who walks with a slight limp following a childhood illness. He puts his skills to good use for the Westcrown Alliance and double as a guard for the group's hideout. He hopes to someday become a sailor.

  • Amaya

    Amaya is pretty, but self-conscious about the effects of her looks on other. She dresses plainly to downplay her looks. She has an interest for the arts and likes to sing. She currently works as a glass blower.

  • Fiosa

    Fiosa is a house servant for a noble family of the city. She is known for her strong faith in Iomedae. She has in the past worked with Janiven and Arael to free halfling slaves in the employ of some of the city's nobles and merchants.

  • Gorvio

    Gorvio's most noticable feature is his golden eyes, which some say is an heritage of thiefling blood. He spends a lot of his time working for his uncle Jacovo, a well known horse trader.

  • Larko

    Larko is a dock worker who dreams of becoming an hunter in the hills surrounding the city. After having a run-in with a band of halfling bandits named The Rats, Larko became infected by their leader, a wererat and contracted lycanthropy. After …

  • Tarvi

    She works at her parent's jewelry store in Westcrown. A job she finds boring. She has joined the Westcrown Alliance looking for excitement.

  • Vitti

    A strange artistic man who dyes his hair green. He only eats food he hunts or harvest himself. He his a talented woodcarver and gardener. For his art he only uses wood that has been harvested from dead falls. He has proposed that he cultivate the …

  • Jacovo

    Jacovo is Gorvio's uncle. He owns a stable house and runs a business as a horse trader/seller. While not a member of the Westcrown Alliance himself, he his sympathetic to their cause and has …