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  • The Hell Knights

    The Hell Knights are knights loyal to the current diabolist government. Their roles include the prevention of any kind of rebellion; which is why they work against the heroes. The hell Knights are divided into many orders. The two most prominent orders …

  • Order of the Rack

    The Order of the Rack is the oldest group of Hellknights. They are charged with quelling rebellion and have become experts at finding possible seeds of rebellion in Cheliax. They have a base near [[Westcrown | Westcrown]], Citadel Rivad.

  • Bastards of Erebus

    A group of thiefling thugs based in an abandoned part of the city. The bastards of Erebus use an old church of Erastil as their hideout. The group has committed several robberies to date and a double murder. The group uses a wooden coin carved with …